There’s nothing quite like sitting down at a local restaurant in New Canaan and enjoying a steaming plate of shrimp, a grilled piece of salmon, or some fresh tuna tartar. But sometimes there are days when you want your dinner to be slightly more hands-on. But cooking your dinner means a trip to the grocery store, and that means having to choose a protein from the seafood counter. For many, the seafood counter can be overwhelming and you end up letting the butcher select something for you. While most butchers can be relied upon to choose a select cut, it’s beneficial to know your own way around the counter.

How to Navigate the Seafood Counter

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The first thing you’ll want to know that is selecting a great piece of seafood comes down to your senses! It’s as easy as that.

  • Sight: You can tell when someone looks like they have a cold or the flu, right? When you get up to the counter and the fish look somewhat gray and tired, move on. These are signs that the seafood isn’t fresh, and when you’re spending money on seafood, you need it to be great. The seafood should also be well chilled — typically the pieces are sitting on a bed of crushed ice. Look at your surroundings as well. If there are flies in the area, dust or fingerprints on the case, head over to ONE29 Restaurant and our chefs will cook you up a plate of your favorite seafood.
  • Smell: A very important sense when selecting seafood, you can tell a lot from how the area of the store, or how the fish, smell. First, if you can smell the fish before you walk up to the counter, it’s not a good sign. Once you select the variety of seafood you want, ask the clerk if you can smell the fish. They may not always allow this, but it never hurts to ask. The seafood shouldn’t smell very “fishy,” but more like sea or ocean water.
  • Touch: When you’re sniffing the fish, pay attention to how it feels as well. This is more common when purchasing whole fish, but the better you can get to know the fish, the better the meal will be. Give the fish a firm poke and it should feel firm and sturdy.

Ask Questions

Local Restaurant New Canaan

Again, the more you can get to know the seafood selection, the better! Instead of guessing if the fish is fresh, you can simply ask the clerk how long it’s been on the shelf. Ask where the fish is from, is it farm-raised, if it’s actually wild salmon, or you can even ask them what’s good today. They may be more willing to bring something out that’s fresher.

We hope that these tips will help you select a prime piece of lobster, scallops, tilapia, or mahi-mahi so that you can create a meal that is worthy of any chef in your own kitchen. But we also hope that when you visit our New Canaan restaurant, that you will be able to appreciate the freshness of every piece of seafood we bring to our tables. We strive to always provide our guests with superior quality seafood so that you can enjoy a delicious meal without the effort of shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

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