If you’re in the mood for some fine dining (who isn’t?) and want a delicious glass of wine to go with the meal, One29 Restaurant has everything you could desire. Along with our full menu, complete with sides, appetizers, mains, and desserts, we offer a range of wines to pair with your Mediterranean food — any of which will enhance your meal and make for a perfect evening with friends, family, or loved ones. But when you’re craving a plate of Sausage Cavatelli, which wine will bring out every flavor and brighten up the aromas in each bite?

Local Restaurant New CanaanTips on Pairing Wines With Mediterranean Food

As with many cuisines, when deciding on a wine pairing, it’s best to look at the heaviness or lightness of the meal and choose a wine that is equally robust or light in order for the food and drink to complement each other. If you choose the North Atlantic Dry Diver Scallops, you wouldn’t want to select a rich wine like a cabernet, but rather a light and crisp white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc.

When approaching wine pairing, there is certain lingo that you will want to keep on the back of your tongue.

  • Acidity: This refers to the freshness of the wine, as well as the sour or tart elements of the wine.
  • Body: The body of a wine can be hard to determine without practice, but it refers to the feel of the wine in your mouth, or how thick or thin it feels. Does it feel like whole milk? Or skim?
  • Earthy or Fruit Forward: These refer to how the wine tastes and what flavors can be found. Does it have more Earthy flavors, like grass, mushrooms, or wood? Or does the wine have fruity flavors, like cherry, cranberry, or raspberry?
  • Palate: When you take a sip of the wine, what flavors and complexities do you experience on your tongue and in your mouth? This is the palate.
  • Tannins: If you have ever puckered your mouth when drinking red wine, this happens because of the tannins in the wine. They are biomolecules which add structure to the wine.
  • Aroma: The first thing many wine drinkers will do is put their nose deep into the wine glass to take in a deep breath in order to explore the aroma of the wine. This is just how it sounds, what the wine smells like. The aroma can tell a drinker what grape varietal the wine is.

Choosing a Wine at Our Mediterranean Restaurant in New Canaan

First, take a glance through our dinner menu and find a meal that sounds absolutely delicious to you at the time. Keeping the light food with light wines and heavy foods with heavier wines advice in mind, glance through the white and red section on our wine menu. If you are in the mood for our Pan Roasted King Ora Salmon, you can try our Sauvignon Blanc, Tohu 2016, or the Chardonnay, Flowers 2015. If you want something that will satisfy your inner carnivore and want to order the Grilled Snow Hill Farm Hanger Steak, try our Chianti Classico, Rocca Delle Macie 2014.

If you simply can’t decide, on either a meal or the wine pairing, our restaurant’s skilled servers will offer a suggestion that you will surely be happy with.

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean restaurant in the New Canaan area, One29 Restaurant has the ambiance, great food, and a great selection of wine you can choose from. Come in tonight for a dinner to remember.